The goods that we all enjoy are thanks to the mining industry. Paintings, wires, glasses, roads, buildings… surround us and become a reality due to the most complex process under the most demanding environments.

Copper, gold, aluminium, iron, uranium, coal and aggregate world leading mining companies already trust Power Electronics variable speed drives and soft starters, due to their reliability, performance and quality. Power Electronics extracts and processes in non-stop facilities over million tons of metal and mineral from the most demanding mines of the world.

An efficient and close 24h/7d service, together with outstanding quality and design, make Power Electronics’ equipment the most suitable for harsh environments and demanding applications worldwide. Altitude, dust, pollution, moisture or hazardous environments are easy challenges for them and are backed for the high reliability ratios that our clients give us.

Some of the built-in features that our clients from the mining sector appreciate are:

  • High Overload design.
  • 50ºC operation without power derating.
  • Electronics conformally coated with military and aerospace technology (IEC61086-1:2004, -3-1) and totally sealed (no dust filters), allow to be installed in harsh environments.
  • Maximum motor care and low harmonics alternatives.
  • Ultimate hardware and software motor protections that will take care of your valuable rotating assets.
  • Outstanding motor control. PMC-OLTC is the unique master-slave motor control that allows the synchronization of multiple drives and motors without encoder. The result is a smooth, powerful and fast response with the least maintenance and supervision. Every motor will provide the same torque under any circumstance, therefore ageing all the motors homogeneously.
  • Dedicated software tools that enhance drive features: Power PLC and Power COMMs tools.
  • Our experience in Solar Photovoltaic Facilities, allow us to offer hybrid solutions that will reduce your energy dependence. Please consult us with your demands.




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